Hi, I am Melanie Bowler. A well-established jeweller working in both Silver and Gold; My work often incorporates precious gemstones and consider my specialities being bespoke and commission pieces including engagement rings, wedding rings, pendants, earrings, rings and more.

For the past few years, I have been specialising in remodelling of old jewellery into new pieces for clients. Each piece created is totally unique to that person including recycling materials and gemstones where possible.

I love to be able to create beautiful new pieces for people who would otherwise not wear what they have because they have been inherited and are not to taste in this day and age. Sadly pieces sit in a box never to be worn which is a real shame as the sentiment, love and memories are there.

Being part of the process of transforming and facilitating such lovely old jewellery into wearable, practical, up to date, and desirable pieces is wonderfully rewarding and satisfying. I encourage the use of existing materials and stones, the ultimate in upcycling really.


I melt down Gold and Silver and refashion it into new sheet and wire to create stone settings, ring shanks etc. Stones can be re-polished to look as good as new too.

My skills, knowledge and years of experience allow me to maintain high standards of craftsmanship and perfectionism.

I studied at Berkshire College of Art and Design and gained a BTEC diploma; I then continued my studies at Plymouth College of Art and Design, gaining an HND in Design Metals. Both courses gave me a deep grounding in fundamental jewellery and silversmithing skills.


I set up my own business in 1996 and have been making and designing jewellery ever since. I have also spent some time working for Mortimers – an independent jewellers in Exeter – experiencing all aspects of the antique jewellery trade..

I have been fortunate to win four awards to date:

  • Royal Society of British Sculptors medal design competition

  • Prince’s Trust bursary

  • Antony Everett award (Prince’s Trust)

  • Michael Spiers Jewellery award (Southwest Academy summer exhibition)

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Hi, I'm Juliette McElligott. Based on the wonderful Jurassic coast, I take my inspiration from science, Sci-Fi and nature. Focusing mainly on Jewellery, I have been developing unique sculptural pieces that can be adapted to many different applications such as belt buckles, doorknobs and  buttons! 
I have been a creator my whole life using whatever medium I had at hand. From card to Clay,  Fine art, painting and drawing to Textiles, Product design and problem-solving. I found my real passion for metal when I was on the Art Foundation course at Exeter College. 
I continued on to Plymouth College of Art and Design (PCAD) to study large scale metals with 
Glass achieving an HND in Design Metal. 
I was then invited to work as Artist in Residence at Exeter College where I had previously studied.  This was a fantastic opportunity for someone just starting out. It is a small studio, however, I  needed to scale down my ideas and started to develop my love for making jewellery. This is also when I fell in love with teaching and spent many hours helping students when I should have been working! 

I then returned to PCAD to convert my HND into a degree in Applied Arts where I studied 
Over the next few years, I worked at my kitchen table alongside a multitude of interesting jobs, 
including Teaching silversmithing, working at an independent jeweller, Life modelling, plus 
qualifying as an electrician! I had a family and moved out of the city to beautiful East Devon, 
where, for the last 8 years, I have run a busy sewing business and a small jewellery studio where I take commissions and teach regular silversmithing classes.