The Mobile Jewellery School is a pop-up silversmithing teaching business run by Melanie Bowler and Juliette McElligott. We hire Village Halls or Community Centres in the South West and bring all the materials, tools, equipment and our expert knowledge to teach two sessions per day. Our taster sessions and all-day workshops are open to complete beginners, of all ages and abilities with absolutely no experience required. Students can choose a project to make from our wide range 
of beautiful ideas including rings, bangles, earrings and pendants in sterling silver. 
The workshops are two and half hours long. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality tutoring for students to have fun, be creative, learn new skills and leave with an incredible hand-made piece of sterling silver jewellery to be proud of. The students are continually amazed with what they can achieve in the time. We are committed to keeping lessons affordable, great value for money and above all a lovely alternative, concise experience for the busy person. 


We believe that our business idea is unique and as far as we are aware there are no other silversmithing businesses like ours that are truly mobile in bringing art and enjoyment to everyone. In keeping the numbers small everyone has plenty of one to one tutoring and an exclusive experience in a friendly, Covid-19 safe environment.  
We hire village halls and community centres across Devon, Cornwall and Somerset however we are looking to travel further in the future gradually expanding our radius as the business grows. These types of places are generally very spacious allowing plenty of room for social distancing, are wheel chair accessible and are well equipped for our needs. We are extremely happy to be supporting local communities which need our revenue, support and bookings at this time especially post Covid. We are keen to reach out to more rural places to bring people together where there are no transport links encouraging and enabling people to stay local, keep down their carbon footprint and be sociable in their own community. It’s such a pleasure travelling to different areas and meeting like-minded people giving a wonderful, accessible, inclusive and affordable experience. Everyone comments on how mindful the participation is for them and that the ‘time flies’ because they are so busy concentrating! Our ethos is that we aim to teach people to make a piece of Jewellery that they would happily buy in a high street shop, therefore, bringing great pride, satisfaction and a truly professional finish to their piece. 


The Mobile Jewellery School proprietors are Melanie Bowler and Juliette McElligott. We met at Plymouth College of Art and Design in the early 1990’s studying design metals. We have remained firm friends and colleagues over the years. We both run our own successful jewellery studio businesses in Chudleigh and Seaton respectively where we teach and work on commission pieces. Having both taught for a number of years we knew there was an opportunity to share our ideas, knowledge and expertise to bring the art of silversmithing to everyone everywhere.


We felt it made perfect sense to join forces to create The Mobile Jewellery School. If you can dream it you can do it and that’s exactly what we are doing! We each bring complementary strengths to the partnership.